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what is coinbox and how does it works?

Coinbox is an Android App that allows you to get cash recycling your unused SMS bundle or receiving test SMS in your Inbox. Coinbox users earn money for every SMS sent or received (*inbound service soon available) with their Simcard. Users are paid by Bank Transfer directly to their account (*soon available payment via cryptocurrency). It’s simple and totally FREE.

Users just have to download the app directly from the coinbox.ai website, install it, allow requested permissions and start to send or receive. Users can also keep the app running in background.

Prices for each SMS sent or received may vary from country to country, so we’ve developed a useful map where you can discover the earnings. You’ll find it on the website http://new.coinbox.ai.

What do I need to use Coinbox?

Coinbox works on all Android smartphones (starting from Android 5.1), both double or single. Internet connection (3G / 4G / Wifi) is required.

How can i register to coinbox?

Sign up starting your visit from www.coinbox.ai or directly jump to https://backend.pro.coinbox.ai/register.

Insert your information, accept the terms and conditions and activate your account simply clicking on the verification email you’ll receive.

Then, you’ll ready to go!

is coinbox available on Ios smartphones?

Unfortunately, Coinbox is not available on iOs platforms.

is coinbox available in my country?

Coinbox is running worldwide, but the reward may vary depending from country and the market.


how do i set coinbox?

It’s easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the App from Coinbox.ai
  • Register and activate your account (by clicking the activation email)
  • Login into Coinbox App
  • Coinbox will verify your number by sending an SMS to our server
  • You’ll ready to go! Coinbox will create a “Default” group for your Simcard with a limit of 50 SMS per day to the networks of your Country.
  • You’ll be able to change the parameters of the “Default” group or you can create a new one, choosing how many SMS per day you want to send and to which networks.
how many simcards can i register?

As much as you want! We don’t put any limit to the cards registered for every user.

how to set the SMS daily limit ?

Manage your groups from the web dashboard or from the Coinbox app.

  • From the backend:Go to “SIM GROUP SETTINGS” menu and select “New Sim Group”.
    Select your Country, select the Networks you want to send to, then choose a daily SMS limit and a name for your group. You’ll be able to select it directly from the app or put your card into this group from “SIM SETTINGS” page.
    Verify your groups from “SIM GROUP LIST” under “SIM GROUPS SETTINGS” page and manage them from here.
  • From the App:
    Scroll the tab and select “Change Group”. You’ll be able to select an existing group or create a new one by clicking “CREATE A NEW GROUP”.
    Choose a name, a daily limit, the delay between every SMS sent then press “NEXT”. Select the networks you want to send to and then “UPDATE AND SELECT GROUP”.

General rules:
Maximum daily limit is 250 per day. If your sim is able to send more, please contact support team on support@new.coinbox.ai.

where can i manage my settings and my profile?

Basic features are available into Coinbox app (change groups, limit, name, referral code):
Full features are available into web dashboard (https://backend.pro.coinbox.ai), (managing groups, sim, earnings, withdrawals, referral code, user profile, stats).

will coinbox works if i don't have any internet connection?

Nope, internet connection is mandatory.



Jump on your web dashboard: click the “Wallet” page, check your balance and your transaction request. Verify your rewards earned by your personal sims and bonus received from your invited users with your referral code.


From your web dashboard, clicking the “Wallet” page and tap the “REQUEST PAYMENT” button.
Put the value you want to get from your balance and confirm your request.
Please take care to add all your personal details on the “USER PROFILE” page, otherwise you’ll request can’t be processed. You can submit your request once per month and when your balance reach at least $ 10.00.
Every request will be verified by the Finance Team and processed in max. 10 days.


HOW DOES IT WORK? HOW much i earn by inviting my friends?

Share your referral code directly from the app or take note of your code from “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS” page on the web dashboard and spread it.
You’ll be rewarded with the 10% of profit that your friend will get for each sms sent.


  • Check if your sim can send sms.
    Send an sms to a friend or a parent and verify that he really gets the message.
  • Verify that your smartphone is stably connected to internet.
  • Verify your group: manage limit, network, delay directly from the app or from the web dashboard.

If your sim is fully functional, then write a word to support@new.coinbox.ai.

I SEE RED DOTS AND GREEN DOTS, what does it mean?

Green dots mean that SMS are correctly sent via the App. Red ones means that Coinbox asked your phone to send an SMS, but the sending failed for some reason (poor signal, no credit, etc)

why is my sim disabled?

After too many consecutive errors, our servers disable automatically problematic SIMs. You can’t reactivate them by yourself. Please write to support@new.coinbox.ai after a double check: if your sim is able to send, we’ll reactivate it.

why is my sim paused?

After 5 consecutives error, your SIM go to “Pause” state. Please verify it’s all good (signal, internet, credt) then restart it from the app or the web dashboard.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at support@new.coinbox.ai or use the form below

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